EXTREME HAIR GROWTH WATER 4 oz Applicator Spray Bottle

EXTREME HAIR GROWTH WATER 4 oz Applicator Spray Bottle

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Scalp Nourishing Spray with Food-graded Rosemary,Ginger and Mint – Relieves Itchy, Dry, Flaky Scalp - Free from Sulfate, Silicone, and Paraben

Directions :

Spray onto scalp 4~8 times to cover entire scalp. Massage into scalp and roots using fingertips. For best results, use every morning and evening focusing on concerned areas.

  • Rosemary has proven effectiveness at combating hair loss. Citric Acid works to naturally restore your scalp to its natural pH. Attention: All natural scent, no artificial scent ingredients added.
  • STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH – Create a healthier scalp and hair environment, one that will encourage volume and healthy locks. Use the Bloom hair mist to revive your hair. Whether you are a man whose hair is thinning or a woman who craves healthier hair, our treatment is for you.
  • MADE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – We all have unique hair properties that usually require different remedies. The good news is that our hair regeneration serum is ideal for all types of hair, from dry and brittle to oily, and those who suffer from flaky dandruff.
  • TRADITIONAL SMALL BATCH BREWING – Our hair products are brewed in the USA using traditional small-batch brewing methods. Our organic, whole plant ingredients are brewed for more than 10 hours, adding no synthetic scent ingredients. Note: Product best used 60 days after opening seal.
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